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Hours- By Appointment Only

One of our sustainable promises is to plant at least 100 trees a year.


Family Owned Farm Since 2013

Farming is our life & we love it! We have watched so much life grow and change on our farm, while learning, having fun & getting into shape. We are very thankful to eat true organic food straight from our garden to our plate & we hope to supply many families with organic food every year. Thank you for supporting us!


Fresh produce when in season!

New Black Walnut Slabs!
They have a beautiful dark center with white edges.

New Norway Maple!
So many colors & designs found in these slabs.

New Cherry Slabs!
One half is a dark red & the other half is a light blonde. 

Lumber for DIY projects


Loving the addition to the new kitchen Island! Great customer service! Took the time to answer all my questions & I got a great deal. 

- Michelle & Frank

Here is a trailer I built all from Dan's lumber.

- Jake S.

Hours: By appointment only

Phone: (231) 245-1693

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6782 East 16th St.
White Cloud, MI 49349

We appreciate your support!

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